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Saturday, August 3, 2019

How current transformers are different from ordinary power transformers?
At basic level, they are no different. Both of them work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. But the difference lies in their usage.

Current transformers, which come under the category of Instrument transformers, are mainly used along with other instruments for the purpose of measurement. As with every other instrument that is used for measurement purpose on electrical circuits, a current transformers must have a very low impedance in order to not affect the current in the circuit it is measuring by a huge amount. Also it is very important to ensure that the phase difference between primary and secondary currents is as close to zero as possible. A current transformer also has very few, or even a single turn on primary and many on secondary.
Power transformers on other hand are used to transfer power from primary side to secondary side. here the emphasis is not that much on reducing the impedance in transformer, nor is it much on reducing phase angle error close to zero. here emphasis is laid more on efficiency than accuracy. Secondly, a power transformer has way too many turns on its primary, than a single turn, although its still lesser than those on secondary. And also, the effect of load on secondary side has an effect on primary side of current, which is not the case with CT's.

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