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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Gravel beneath around large transformers

Did you ever notice gravel beneath around large transformers?

Gravel base is composed of irregularly-shaped 3/4-inch crushed rocks that wedge into a solid surface when compacted.

The round, smooth edges of pea gravel prevent these stones from compacting as firmly.
When your yard is filled with too much moisture, water doesn't seep into the ground.The gravel absorbs excess moisture and helps keep water in the ground where it belongs, so you can keep your property's curb appeal in top form. Gravel for landscape use comes in a variety of sizes and colors.
​​​​One of the reasons for this practice is actually "snakes". Yes, you read it right.
Large transformers produce substantial vibrations due to magnetostriction which get transmitted to ground. Due to this effect the transformers placed on solid ground attract snakes. To prevent this, transformers are surrounded by gravel which prevents snakes from coming near it.

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